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Black Clover Chapter 261: Delayed!

Black Clover has gained popularity over time. No doubt it has engaging storyline and marvelous details along with the artwork. It is one of the most-read manga. The villain Dante got defeated by Captain Yami and Asta. The previous chapter was all about it. Some manga are on a short break. Black Clover manga is also on the break for two weeks. Therefore, Black Clover Chapter 261 will not release this week. Let us have a detailed info about the release date and the recap of manga.

Release Date of Black Clover Chapter 261

The manga is on a two week break. The latest chapter of Black Clover released on Monday. The release date was August 10, 2020.

Moreover, the next chapter will be launching soon. The Black Clover Chapter 261 will launch on August 23, 2020. The manga chapter will release at midnight (Japan Standard Time).

The release timings of the manga chapter are as shown:


  • Pacific Time: 8 AM on August 23
  • Central Time: 10 AM on August 23
  • Eastern Time: 11 AM on August 23
  • British Summer Time: 4 PM on August 23
  • Germany (Berlin) Time: 5 PM on August 23
  • India Time: 8: 30 PM on August 23
  • Australia (Central) Time: 12: 30 AM on August 23
Black Clover Chapter 261
Source: Recent Highlight

Recap of Chapter 261

In the previous chapter we saw Asta collapsed after using devil powers. However, he defeated Dante. Yami filled with excitement runs to Asta. Then after Yami approaches Dante. He was lying lifeless down there. All were happy about the defeat. In a meanwhile, Zenon Zogratis arrives. He starts skewering Yami with the help of his bones. Yami got upset and due to Zemon holding onto him, he can not even move.

Finral noticies that Zenon have held William Vangeance captive. While Dark Traid was practicing dark magic, Zenon sensed the vibrations. He came to have a look at what was happening. Meanwhile, Zenon saw Asta’s arm lying down. He fired a bone to it. However, Finral redirected it with Spatial magic.

Where to read

You can read all the chapters of the Black Clover manga on official website of Viz.

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