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Black Clover Chapter 259: Is It Delayed? Know The Updates

Asta and Yami are ready to take down the villain. Finally, Asta has learned to stand on his feet. Dante is standing in front of them, filled with ego. Moreover, he treats Asta and Yami as puppets. They both took out the weapon to kill Dante. But killing him isn’t that easy. Let us have a recap of the previous chapter 258. Further, the article contains the release date, spoilers, and more updates on Black Clover Chapter 259.


Previously in Black Clover Chapter 258

The frivolous attack of Yami and Asta made an impact on Dante. Yami attacked with a slash, whereas Asta strikes with his anti-magic sword. However, Dante keeps on playing his tricks and survive each time. Each time Asta cuts Dante’s head and hands, they regenerate!

However, Asta is getting angry over time as his months-long training isn’t working. Meanwhile, Yami finds out that Asta’s anti-magic sword is the only thing that could kill Dante. The only question is how to insert the sword inside the devil’s body.

Dante transforms into a vast black devil. Asta asks for magnification of his powers to kill Dante. The good inside him listens and decides to magnify the power of Asta. The devil inside Asta agrees to help him, but in return, he wants a part of Asta’s body.

It will be fun to see what happens next in Black Clover Chapter 259.

Black Clover Chapter 259
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Spoilers and Raw Scans of Black Clover Chapter 259

As the ending of chapter 258 was thrilling, the opening of Chapter 259 will be exciting. Asta will unleash the energy that his devil has given him. Asta is so determined to kill Dante that he agreed to his devils wish.

The chapter will give us chills when the consequence comes forth. No doubt, Asta will be stronger than ever. But, how will it affect Asta, and will it consume all the energy of Asta? There are tons of questions. We would know the answers in this upcoming chapter.

Release Date and Where to read

The next Black Clover Chapter 259 will release on August 2, 2020. The official pages or websites publish the new chapters of Black Clover. The sites are Viz Media, and Black clover. Moreover, the Shonen Jump App also publishes the Black Clover chapters.

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