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Best doggo’s of anime

According to the article of Anime News Network, the best six Dogs of anime are Ein, Sadaharu, Akamaru, Guts, Makkachin, and Iggy. To start from the first

Kōichi Yamadera voices Ein. Ein is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and data dog. His intelligence is said to be enhanced by the research facility. Ein is a part of the Bebop family and a good friend of Edward. Ein is a Welsh Corgi breed presented as anime dog.

Sadahar is a pet of the Yorozuya; he is equivalent of their mascot. Kagura usually oversees him. He is the savior of the earth, preventing an invasion of alien cockroaches.

He appears as a large white-furred dog with a red collar. He appears as a dog, but actually, he is an inugami. Inugami is a dog spirit/dog god, widely known in western Japan.

Akamaru is a dog featured in very famous and loved anime Naruto. He is a Great Pyrenees breed. Akamaru is a pet of Kiba Inuzuka also he is a member of Kurenai team. He is the constant companion of Kiba Inuzuka until his death.

Guts appear in the anime named Kill la Kill, in which Guts becomes the part of Mankanshoku family. He mostly appears with Mataro. He is a cute little pug, wearing a blue colored hoodie all the time with a cute puppy face. Katsuyuki Konishi voices him.

Another one from the anime Yuri!!! on Ice is Makkachin. Makkachin is a giant doggo with a black nose and paw–pads. He is of bread called poodle, full of curly hairs all over the body. He is Victor Nikiforov‘s pet and constant companion. He is voiced by artist Junichi Suwabe.

The last one is Iggy the one from JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure. He is a small, black & white dog of breed Boston Terrier. His eye color is blue, and he appears as a street dog whose farts are foul, Ughhh.

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