The Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium event is featuring the exemplary DC Comics team once again into the limelight. Brian Michael Bendis came to twitter to answer a fan’s question. From where the question came up from? The question aroused from Twitter user @twoheadednerd, a person who brought into Bendi’s notice few ambiguities concerning the timeline of Supergirl’s mien in Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium.

The subject relates with the Supergirl talking to avenger Rose & Thorn, whose Rose character since decades has been under supervision. The main astonishing thing is the organization of the pages. The layout at first give a look of the advanced era, but our Supergirl is peculiarly elder and the universe looks visionary. The doubt that the narration might be taking place in the Legion of Super-Heroes’ far-future era came in the minds of many and questions arose on the writer realting to the book’s timeline.

The reply to the interrogation first appreciated the question by saying, “Solid question”. Bendis answer on twitter describes that the story told to Jim by him is about 80 years from now. His words are as follows, “The idea is we open the #LegionOfSuperHeroesmillenium We think it’s today and then you turn the page and see Supergirl and you realize oh it’s not today. Then everything follows a chronological order.” He says that the ambiguity aroused among fans due to the images on the pages featuring Rose and Thorn, whose Thorn character has now come out encountering Terry McGinnis’ Batman. That page is aforementioned with the notation “And then…”, suggesting the next phase in Rose and Thorn’s journey. Anyways this account of Batman, spotted in Batman Beyond, is set approximately from 20-50 years later, giving an interpretation that this tale would have to feature prior to the Supergirl appearing in the storyline to mean anything.

The fans who first referred the timing fault have also been very fast to indicate about the scene to be a specimen of one more timeline in the huge DC multiunit. Bendis personally has  not still mentioned much about the timeline perplexity regarding Millennium. If there is something much more inside the story which is still a secret then the only choice left with everyone is to wait for the release of Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium #2 on 2nd of October to unravel the unsolved mysteries.


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