Banished From The Heroes’ Party : Release Date, Countdown And Everything We Know

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Banished From The Heroes’ Party, I Decided To Live A Quiet Life In A Country Side, couldn’t be more aptly named. Why? You may ask, is because that is exactly what this anime is all going to be about. Adapted from the light novel series written by Zappon. The story of the series revolves around our protagonist named “Red”. Red was once a part of an elite group named the “Hero’s Party”. A group of warriors who are destined to save the world from the all-knowing, all-powerful Demon Lord. However, on one fine day, he got kicked out by none other than his own teammates.

Looking to now take it easy, Red decides to move on from his past life and finally get to live a normal life. He decides to settle in the countryside and wishes to one day open an apothecary and help the local people. However, keeping his past life hidden is of the utmost importance. If only it was that simple. It seems that the more he tries to hide his past from the people, the more his past keeps creeping upon him. This becomes even more evident when one of his former teammates, a beautiful girl named Rit, decides to come and live with him.

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 When will Banished From The Heroes’ Party Premiere?

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As many of our readers would already know, the show was actually supposed to get released in July 2021. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, it looks like the release month of the show has gotten delayed.  Banished From the heroes’ Party will now premiere on your screens in November 2021. The reason for this delay hasn’t been confirmed yet, but the good news is that the show has gotten a green light. This means that even though it might get rescheduled, the show isn’t canceled. Therefore, there is absolutely no need for our readers to get worked up over nothing.

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Where To Watch The Show Online?

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The show most likely will be available on Crunchyroll and Viz Media. Moreover, the fans with a premium subscription will be able to watch it just an hour after its official release. The readers who don’t have a premium subscription might have to wait a little longer, most probably a week more, before the other websites start releasing their content. However, there is no need to worry; you can watch the show for absolutely free on the aforementioned sites. Although, if you want an ad-free experience, you might want to consider getting a premium subscription. Getting a subscription not only gives you premium content but also supports the creators of your favorite shows.

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