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Baki Back In Action With Season 4 On Netflix

Baki is back in action with Baki Hanma season 4 at Netflix to burst fans’ minds with the ridiculous burst of adrenaline.

How to make an anime fan favorite? Do you know the recipe? Just put together fantastic animation, serious storyline, epic fights, and above all, ass-kicking main character. The result will be an anime like Baki.

Baki Season 4 Announcement:

With not much time left, Baki season 4 is awaiting its official release on Netflix. This season 4 is titled Baki: Son of Ogre. This is a direct sequel to Keisuke Itagaki’s Japanese manga, which began in 2005 and ended in 2012. Like other Shonen/ Martial Arts anime, the main character of this anime also wants to fight might and mighty warriors from everywhere and to excel in Martial Arts.

The first season of the anime was adapted and released on Netflix in 2018, and after two years, in 2020, season 2 was released. Netflix announced that the third season would adapt Baki Hanma, which will start right where season 2 ended.

Baki Season 1 Poster
Baki Season 1 Poster
Image: Netflix

Is Baki Going To Conclude With This Season?

Netflix releases the first season in two parts, and therefore, for the international audience, this will be the fourth season in the series. However, this will be the third season due to the reason mentioned above.

Furthermore, the show creators confirmed that the anime would conclude the story of Baki with this installment. Yes, this is true; Baki is indeed ending with this final season. The thing now remains as to how thrilling and mind-boggling fights this season will give you fans.

How Much Is Time Left In Baki?

Season 4 of the much-awaited Baki has been released on Netflix. This latest season consists of 12 episodes. All of them, along with the previous seasons, are exclusively available on Netflix.

The popular streaming service Netflix has an abundance of popular anime titles like Death Note, Tokyo Ghoul, My Hero Academia, and many others in its library. So if you are an otaku, then this is all you may need, with a bunch of snacks, of course.

Due to time differences, there can be a delay in releasing anime in different time zones. However, the exact release time of season 4 in other zones is listed below:

  • Pacific Time: 12 AM PDT
  • Central Time: 2 AM CDT
  • Eastern Time: 3 AM EDT
  • British Time: 8 AM BST
  • European Time: 9 AM CEST
  • Indian Time: 12:30 PM IST
  • Australia Time: 4:30 PM ACST

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What Is The Plot Of Baki?

This latest season was to adapt the story after The Great Raitai Tournament Saga, but this was proved wrong in the trailer.

In the season 3 finale, Ryuukou Yanagi escaped when the five death row inmates began to flee. Whereas Baki and Yujiri we’re about to face off each other, which should be the GOAT (greatest of all time) the fight sequence ever made.

It was revealed in the trailer, Baki our protagonist is leaving for Arizona State Prison in the US, to fight new faces.

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