The Saga Of Tanya The Evil Season 2: Release Date, English Dub And Spoilers


Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the second season of The saga of Tanya, the Evil. The main character’s approach in the series is quite interesting and different. The main character in a story is usually a hero who plays a positive role. The viewers are presented with a different approach where the villain … Read more

Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō: Second Season, Release Date And Everything We Know About It So Far


Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest started originally as a web novel which later became a popular light novel series. An anime television series adaptation by White Fox and Asread of Arifureta aired from July to October 2019. Unlike most of the isekai series, this series takes a different approach to over-powerful main characters. … Read more

Kabaneri of The Iron Fortress: Second Season, Release Date and Everything We Know About It


Fans are eagerly waiting for the second season of the series “Kabaneri of The Iron Fortress” after completing the series “Attack on Titan” due to the many similarities between them. For starters, both series are produced in the same studio. This leads to both of the series being produced by the same director, “Tetsuro Araki.” … Read more

Kodansha: Prosecution Regarding Illegal Uploads Of “Attack On Titan”


Kodansha Going Against The Pirates Worldwide Kondasha has made it clear that its fight against manga pirates worldwide will continue; in no way will it turn a blind eye to unauthorized uploads and won’t be tolerating copyright infringements. On the internet, people have been sharing the so what called “SPOILERS” or “SCREENSHOTS” of the manga … Read more

Eighty-Six: Release Date, Trailer And Everything We Know About It


Eighty-Six is an upcoming Japanese romantic, thriller, sci-fi, mecha anime television series adaptation by A-1 pictures set to be premiering in April 2021. The anime series is based on a fictional Japanese fictional novel, “86,” originally written and created by Asato Asato and illustrated by Sharabi. Originally published by ASCII Media Works while Yen … Read more

Higehiro: Episode 1 Release Date and Time, Where to Watch English Subs Online and Countdown


Higehiro: After Being Rejected, I Shaved and Took in a High School Runaway (Hige o Soru. Soshite Joshi Kōsei o Hirō) is set to be premiering on April 5, 2021, an anime television series adaptation of a Japanese romantic comedy light novel series by Shimesaba will be airing on channels such as AT-X, Tokyo MX, … Read more

Full Dive: This Ultimate Next-Gen RPG Is Even Shittier than Real Life – Episode 1 Release Date and Time, Countdown and Where to Watch English Subs Online


Full Dive: This Ultimate Next-Gen Full Dive RPG Is Even Shittier than Real Life! (Kyūkyoku Shinka shita Furu Daibu RPG ga Genjitsu yori mo Kusoge Dattara) A Japanese light novel series written by Light Tuchihi has three volumes published by Media Factory from August 25, 2020 – present. The manga serialization of the light novel … Read more

Tokyo Babylon 2021: Cancelled Due To Plagiarism


Tokyo Babylon, also known as Tokyo Babylon: A Save Tokyo Story, a Japanese dark fantasy, horror, and occult detective manga series written by CLAMP and art by Makona, was first serialized from 1990-1993 with a total of seven volumes. While Shinshokan published the manga series, the English translation of the series was published by Dark … Read more