Re: Zero Season 2 Episode 13: All The Witches At One Place, Trouble 7X


Re: Zero Season 2’s first cour is about to end, and fans are saying they are having an “absolute blast,” so far. They have a lot to say about this fantasy series, quoting a fan “It’s incredible how Re: Zero makes a dialogue-heavy episode way more interesting than other anime full of action. Like seriously! … Read more

Deca Dence Episode 12: “Omega” The Mightiest Gadoll Till Now


Everybody knows that we live in a time of constant change. That change is inevitable anywhere you look. The world evolves just like we do. The decadent society is, by definition, a victim of its own creativity. Similarly, in the world of “Deca Dence”, we see many such co-relations to our world. This peculiar story … Read more

Dr. Stone Chapter 166: Xeno’s Checkmate or Stalemate?


With an exciting post-apocalyptic plot, “Dr. Stone”,  an original Sci-Fi Japanese manga series, appears to have virtually congregated a lot of fans worldwide. A lot of online speculations have surfaced. Fans cannot wait for Chapter 167. Even more so after the anime adaptation of it released on 5th July 2019 by TMS Entertainment. A mysterious … Read more