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Ask For Mercy Continues With Season Three: A World Of Disquiet

Hey there, Space squids and space whales are overhead. Watch out for them. The destruction of the world has arrived in Season Three of Ask For Mercy. Richard Starkings wrote the comic. And, with art by rising star Abigail Jill Harding. The first issue of the hit comiXology Originals series will be available from August 11, 2020. What will the first issue have? Let us find out more about Ask For Mercy Season Three.

Synopsis of Ask For Mercy Season Three

Ask For Mercy Season Three titled, ‘A World of Disquiet.’ The year 2023 is there in Leeds. England and the destruction is here. The world is terrified by the demons. On the Earth, strange squids and whales appear in the sky.

Meanwhile, Ratmir and Mercy fight against monsters on the street. A young girl named Becky met them. Both are charged for looking after her. What’s more for Becky than meets the eye? Will Becky be the key to peace and saving the humans?

For more depth, read the comic.

Ask For Mercy Season Three
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Release Date of Season Three

The first book of the Ask For Mercy came on May 8, 2019. It contains a total of 155 pages. Moreover, the second book came this year on June 16, 2020. The book contains 139 pages.

The sequel Ask For Mercy Season Three was published on August 11, 2020.

Folks if you have not started it yet. Then you must attack!

Where to read?

The ComiXology Originals line has exclusive digital content available. Moreover, all three seasons of Ask For Mercy are available to read for members of Amazon Prime via their Prime Reading benefit. Also, comic books available for purchase on Kindle and ComiXology. Prime Reading offers all Amazon Prime members a rotating selection of thousands of top Kindle books, short works, magazines, comic books, children’s books, etc.

Moreover, Kindle Unlimited offers more than one million titles. It also offers thousands of audiobooks. The current issues of popular magazines are there for just $9.99 a month. One can enjoy a 30-day free trial Kindle. ComiXology offers over 25,000 comics, graphic novels, and manga for $5.99 a month with a 30-day free trial

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