Numerous X men were apparently extirpated in the latest issue of House of X. A feeling of sympathy and sadness cornered every death in exception to the one which has a sort of importance to the X-men history.

According to the clarifying statement on this exception by artist Pepe Larraz on his social media handle, Cyclope’s end is planned following the demise of Jean Grey in the archetypal,  “Dark Phoenix Saga” narration by Chris Claremont and John Byrne. The recent version shows Cyclops in telepathic communication with Jean when the above fellow gets shot in the back. The execution of the descending forward scene of Scot is planned to be shown after the defined stance by Jean when she got shot at the back by a laser canon at the zenith of “Dark Pheonix”.

The panel correspondence first came into the eyes of Jordan D. White, Senior Editor for X-Men comics at Marvel who also posted on his social media about it. Larraz at same time affirmed the reference by his words, “you caught me”. The consideration of Scott talking to Jean at the time of his killing and the reunion of the pair are the two factors in making the reference catastrophic corresponding to the preliminary story.

Powers of X#4 composed by Jonathon Hickman and demonstrated by R. B. Silva will be seen on the silver screen on September 11 whereas House of X#5 composed by the same writer and illustrated by Pepe Larraz will follow on September 18.


Source:  Pepe Larraz’s Twitter


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