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Aharen-San Wa Hakarenai A New Romance/ Comedy Anime Coming Out In 2022!

Humans are social animals. It is scientifically proven that a human being doesn’t do well in isolation. Therefore, each and every one of us looks outwards to find companionship and camaraderie to associate with people and interact with them. However, some of these interactions often transcend into lifelong friendships and maybe even love! In the amazing manga Aharen-San Wa Hakarenai, we get to see exactly that.

The show’s story revolves around two misfit students Raidou Matsuboshi and, ofcourse, our protagonist Reina Aharen. Unlike the usual girls, Aharen, or as Raidou calls her, Aharen-san, is well quite quiet. The girl often stays to herself, and well as the name of the show declares is unfathomable or unreadable. From her blank expressions to her lack of personal space, it is difficult for her class partner Raidou to understand her.

However, as he picks up her eraser one day, a new friendship blossoms between them. The shy and quiet Aharen who is literally so soft-spoken that you won’t be able to hear her even if she’s inches away from your face, all of a sudden begins to be outspoken. However, for Raidou, this misfit of a girl slowly becomes way too much to handle, and he ends up getting grappled into her life, constantly looking out for her. As the pair develops a peculiar and quite selfless friendship, Raidou begins to suspect that his feelings for Reina might be a little more.

Aharen-San Wa Hakarenai

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As interesting as the plot of Aharen-San Wa Hakarenai is, the cuteness and the innocence of the characters are what really seal the deal for me. Not to mention the hilarious turn of events that our characters get involved in is literally icing on a cake. Therefore, seeing the amazing potential of the manga, we are glad to tell our readers that the most cutest love story ever written is now getting its very own anime adaptation!

That’s right, when the world is currently going through such precarious and trying times, I think all of us can use a little while to watch something soothing for once, and what better way to soothe our brains than to watch the beautiful story of Reina and Raidou in Aharen-San Wa Hakarenai coming out in April 2022. Will their love story be tragic? Or will it have a satisfying ending? Make sure to watch their latest episodes and find out. Also, make sure to check out its trailer (link attached below ) to see for yourself what the show is really all about!



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