Aggretsuko Season 3 Coming to Netflix; Know When

Aggretsuko Main Poster Image Source: Netflix

Aggretsuko is a popular Netflix Original anime series. It previously came in TV shorts on the Japanese network TBS. More than 100 episodes of the Aggretsuko shorts were quite popular among fans of all ages. And now, it finally got its resting place in the streaming network. But that cute red panda has won our hearts. 

For the Red Panda, every day is a new experience. Retsuko’s modesty and sincerity are exploited by her colleagues. On top of that, she receives sexist comments from her misogynistic boss at the office. But, Retsuko has different plans as to how to reduce her stress at work. She does it by singing death metal at a nearby Karaoke bar.

Netflix Poster of Aggretsuko Image Source: Netflix

Netflix has made an official announcement that Aggretusko’s third season will come out soon on Netflix. The news has come out on many social media platforms. Fans are excited to see their favorite red panda return to stream. 

To take your excitement a notch higher, watch the official trailer of Aggretsuko Season 3 below.


Season two of Aggretsuko’s personal relationships. It is based on her family, friends, and love life. The audience was quite interested in the way the story was handled. Before the official Netflix announcement, Deadtoons predicted the date of release of the summer of 2020. Season 3 of Aggretsuko will come out on Netflix on August 27th.