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After We Collided: Is It Even Worth Watching?

After We Collided is the sequel to a Wattpad fan fiction based on Harry Styles adapted for the big screen last year. The movie is based on a steamy and overdramatic college romance between Tessa and Hardin. The story explores the storyline of a ‘good girl’ who falls for the ‘bad boy.’ So will the couple stay together, or will they give in to the chaos? Continue reading if you, too, are confused about whether to head over to Netflix to watch the movie or not!

After We Collided: Is The Drama Worth A Watch?

In case you missed the first part After We Collided candidly offers up a little bit of the college love-fantasy recap. After getting absorbed by a whirlwind romance and betrayal in the freshman year of college, Tessa (Josephine Langford) commence her new and ambitious career-oriented journey as an intern at a big publishing house. In the meantime, her hot British ex, Hardin (Hero Fiennes), struggles in a dark place, longing for Tessa’s forgiveness and pursuing her no matter how hard she pushes him away. Maintaining the dramatic storyline, we are introduced to a new character, Tessa’s cute coworker Trevor (Dylan Sprouse), who makes Hardin feel insecure and Tessa uncertain about her feelings.

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While the matters remain rocky between Tessa and Hardin for some time, the two reunite after a drunken hotel hookup and some nudges from Hardin’s overly emotional mother, for whom they act like they are dating still. There are sequences from ice skating, yoga at the office, some gift exchanges to spice up the movie to an eventual explosion from Hardin’s end. Things can’t stay pleasant as Tessa is naive and Hardin is chaotic and self-destructive! So will her shy and hotter and, in all ways, better than Hardin coworker distract her? How will Tessa deal with these unexpected family dynamics? Will her true love for Hardin last, now that she has a better option? Find out the answers to these questions in ‘After We Collided’.

The movie’s theme resembles that of Fifty Shades Of Grey and Twilight; at least, this is what the producers were trying to make it fit into. However, the actors were terrible with their chemistry, making the movie kind of hard to watch. To make these so-bad-its-good movies work, romance and sex must be steamy enough to distract the audience from the toxic relationship. Performance-wise, it was not worth watching; even the storyline of ‘will they won’t they’ felt quite an exaggeration. 

Still from Netflix’s ‘After We Collided’
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Our take would be that you should probably skip the movie. For once, even if there was any possible chemistry between the two leads and the script was even a lot less cringe-worthy, it still wouldn’t be worth a watch because of well- the actors. Unfortunately, After We Collided is even more unwatchable than its prequel ‘After.’ The movie could be worth watching for the occasional ‘eye-candy’ Dylan Sprouse, who had a short film released earlier this year. Hero Fiennes sadly has quite the boring fake British accent somehow, despite the fact that he is actually British, making it hard for someone to enjoy his character without getting distracted by it. ‘After We Collided’ gave twitterati quite the meme material, as the actors got trolled for a couple of dialogues. To conclude, if Netflix’s The Kissing Booth was 10, After we collided would be a 3 or a 5. So, stream it or skip it, its your call now!

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