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What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘DeadToons’? Cartoons who are gone, right? The motive behind choosing this name was to revive the culture of the Japanese toons which is commonly known as AnimeTheDeadToons was founded in 2015 with the aim of spreading otaku culture to the world.

“Anime will save the universe, In Otakus We Trust

In this new generation of Internet and OTTs, where anime and manga have become more of a trend, we want to be a guiding hand to all who aspire to be otaku one day.

It is a place for all the nerds interested in Anime, Manga, Comic Books, Television shows, and Movies. From news updates about Anime and Manga to your favourite Netflix series, you can find them all right here! Apart from that, you will find Anime Filler List, Otaku Encyclopedia, Anime Watch Order, Anime and Manga Recommendation, Ending Explanation and our exciting blogs.

Our team of excellent writers and content creators have joined hands together with the sole purpose of helping you enjoy your entertainment to its fullest. TheDeadToons is and will always remain home and a family to all our fellow and yet-to-be otakus from around the world.

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