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A Word With Bright: Samurai Soul Director Kyohei Ishiguro

With few days left to the premiere of Bright: Samurai Soul as an anime film has made the fans even more anxious and excited over it. As it is an adaptation of the live-action film called Bright, the makers are a bit nervous if they will be able to give justice to it or not. The release is set to take place on the 12th of October 2021. Even though it is an adaptation of the film Bright, it is set in Japan during the end of the Shogunate and Meiji era.

It was director Kyohei Ishiguro’s one of the trickest works ever noted. The pressure to manage both the anime and the movie fans befell on his shoulders. A few days ago, Mr. Ishiguro was interviewed about the upcoming anime film and his take on it. Let’s take a look at what he said about this anime film project in the interview!

Bits Of Bright: Samurai Soul’s Director Ishiguro’s Interview

Bright: Samurai Soul Poster
Bright: Samurai Soul Poster
Image: Netflix

He started by saying that all it took was a phone call from Mr. Narita, the producer at AReCT, at the end of 2018. Back then, Dir. Ishiguro did not really know what this anime film project was about. He knew of the film Bright but did not know it would be adapted into the Japanese setting. For example, having the setting of the Edo period and the Meiji period. This is what he spoke on when asked how he was approached and involved in this project.

Next, He Was Questioned On Whether He Was Familiar With The Original Film Bright.

He denied it by saying that he saw the movie for the first time after talking with Mr. Narita. Then went on complimenting the movie and spoke on how much he enjoyed it.

Moving On, He Was Asked How He Struck A Balance Between The Original Film Fans And The Anime Fans.

He answered this question very diplomatically. He said he stuck to his philosophy as a director that he should respect the original film. As a result, he was biased in putting more attention on the original film fans than anime fans. But, throughout the production, he did his best in striking a balance and creating a masterpiece.

Next, He Was Asked On How He Felt Directing His First Fully CGI Production Film, Bright: Samurai Soul.

This was Dir. Ishiguro’s first time working in a 3D production film, his previous works were all 2D. He said that even though it was one of his first works in this production, he was not intimidated. The main reason being his existing knowledge of 3DCG, and one of the reasons he accepted this work was because of the 3D production. He followed the art style of a famous woodblock print artist in Japan’s Meiji and Showa era. The artisan’s name was Hiroshi Yoshida.

The art style was such that it eliminated the extra details and shadows from the characters and the background. Dir. Ishiguro followed this style by eliminating unnecessary information but highlighting the lively actions of the character with simple lines. He said this part was the most challenging, but the end product turned out to be pretty pleasing.

Bright: Samurai Soul
Bright: Samurai Soul
Image: IMDb

Next, He Was Asked On How Did He Manage CGI Animation And The Camera Work.

He answered this by saying he just believed in his intuition and made the product a mix of live-action and 2D & 3D production. For normal 2D & 3D production, you need to make storyboards which Dir. Ishiguro had foregone. He just put the scenarios together and then used camera cuts with 3D software to make the animation. As a result, the anime film came out more like a live-action film. He went on saying that nothing of this was pre-planned or did with a proper conscious mind. Everything came to him in a moment of epiphany and serendipity. He is glad everything came together so nicely. The depiction came out looking like a live-action, and halfway through the production, he told the staff that this is what they will be going forward with.

Finally, Director’s Comment For the Fans Or The Audience While Watching This Anime Film

He made a final request to not only the international but also the Japanese audience. In which he asked everyone to give this adaptation a chance. Even though the original version of this film exists, he made this with a little twist and a love for Japanese culture. Especially the unique art style and the inclusion of samurai culture. He said he wanted to depict the importance of samurai culture and how they work through this work. He said, and we quote, ” I also depicted not only the devotion and the loyalty to the master but also to himself.” Through this, we can even say that he was aiming for self-love, too, through which the audience can get inspired too.

With this, we have come to the end of the interview and what had transpired in it. We hope everyone will give this anime film a genuine chance and enjoy it! While waiting for this anime film to release, you can check out some other famous samurai animes!

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