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Eighty Six
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Eighty-Six is one of the most beautifully directed episodes: awesome setting and premise, interesting cast, great visuals, and an amazing soundtrack. Man transition from one scene to another can give you a heart attack. Full of happiness and peace, and next thing you encounter, BOOM! Someone’s dead. In the end, my jaw was wide open.

What Happened in The Previous Episode

Eighty Six
Eighty Six
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An exciting story with a title like I Doesn’t Want To Die. Watching this series is like perfectly setting yourself up for pain. Eighty-Six’s pain is something that no one can relate to, especially not Lena, who is doing her absolute best, and she was an amazing handler. She opens truth, tries her best to give compassion to people who are considered worthless. On the one hand, she tries to be best to be kind to the 86 and earn their trust by showing that she’s different than the other Alba but that only results from them calling her out and telling her that she’s only saying things and not actually proactive to make the change(Theo’s whole speech ).

To them, she comes off as a moralizing saint with a savior complex. On the other hand, She was devastated by Kirchblute’s death. Lena is already isolated and looked down upon by her “comrades.” simply because she sees 86 as humans. She went out of the way to find the updated maps to help 86. And the irony is the girl who was died (Kirchblute) was the one who, in the beginning, didn’t want to get into the water in the pseudo bath scene but died by getting caught within the dripping wet marshlands.

Eighty-Six Episode 4 Release Date and Where To Watch Online

The long wait is over for the Eight Six fans, and the new episode of the show will air on Saturday, May 1, 2021, at 9:30 am PDT. Different time zones will have different release time check for your below

  • 10:00 pm India Standard Time (IST)
  • 4:30 pm Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
  • 5:30 pm British Summer Time (BST)

The Official streaming partner for the show is Crunchyroll you can watch the newest release on this online platform


Eighty Six
Eighty Six
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The feels are coming hard in this episode. It doesn’t feel nice for the main female protagonist. The 86 characters that ripped apart Lena are completely justified. Lena needed to hear that. It is hypocritical and condescending to be all nice and caring while still a ‘handler’ for the republic, watching the battle from behind a screen and doing nothing to help the people from 86 district. While 86 are in front lines having to deal with the loss of comrades, especially Kirchblute.


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